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Futons, Frames, & Tatimis / Lamps / Comforters & Covers / Pillows /
Blankets / Organic Cotton & Hemp Products / Natural Materials


Natural fiber futons are hand made with prewashed ticking by DRAGON MAMA.
Custom sizes are available at an upcharge of $20, plus the listed.
Click on images to enlarge

3" All Wool (6.5-layer)
each additional layer, add








#1 Recommendation by Dragonmama. Very light, excellent for Hawaii's humid weather.
3" All Organic Cotton (6.5-layer)
each additional layer, add








If you are allergic to wool, this is the next best and very safe.
3" 50/50 Wool/organic Cotton
additional layers, see above
$220 $290 $340 $445 You get some of each characteristc. Resiliant, yet firm.
2" x 2.5 density Trifold Foam pad $175 $210 $245 $290 Best foam you get in Hawaii. Resiliant and firm. Best combining with wool futon.
1/3" All Cotton futon/mattress pad w/elastic $29 $33 $38 $56
E King $56
Thin, but excellent absorbancy. Washable. Old-style.

Futons below are provided by the MIWA FUTON INC.

3" Regular Cotton $96 $120 $144 $204 Excellent for lowbudget newcomer who loves all cotton futons.
6" Reg. Cotton/Poly with 2" Foam Core $175 $220 $240 $290 Excellent for slutted couch/bed style futon frames (bifold frames discontinued).
3.5" x 1.8 Firm density Trifold Foam pad $118 $168 $188 $238 Excellent for extra guest bed. Easy fold and put them away.
* We started carrying cot-size foam pad also. Dimension is 27"x75". $90

Futon Covers

futon coverYou can select from a variety of Ethnic and Domestic fabrics. The first prices shown below are based on design prints at the center, solid color as the side panels and back. The "all prints" design prices are shown second, in parentheses.
Please click here to see our choice of solid colors and print fabric selections.
cover colors
$6 per yard Fabric $97 ($57) $112(101) $119($93) $145($120)
$10 per yard Fabric $106 ($75) $121(107) $129($123) $155($160)
$14 per yard Fabric $110 ($93) $130(135) $138($151) $165($200)
$20 per yard Fabric $128 ($120) $143(175) $153($195) $180($260)
*Note: Custom covers available. Labor charge will range from $25 to $60 , depending on size.
For additional piping or border, add $15 per cover.

Futon Frames

tatami bedTatami Platform Bed (Hardwood)
Colors: Natural 16" (High)
$560 $800 $830 $960
*Note: Our most popular frame. Tatami is made of 2.25" thick compressed rice straws.
Covered with Igusa (woven rush grass). It is used as a traditional flooring in Japanese homes.

Trifold - Aframe
Colors: Natural only
$245 $265 N/A N/A
Suki Studio (Hardwood)
Colors: Natural only
$100 $110 $120 N/A
*Note: Self assembly of loose parts required with the Suki Studio frame


tatamiThis traditional Japanese flooring is made from compressed rice straws, covered with Igusa (woven rush grass), to a thickness of 2.25". Edge bindings are available in Black or Black/Gold Brocade.
Smaller Japanese size *Half: 35.5"x 35.5"
Full: 35.5" x 71"
Large Japanese size (Single Bed size) 37.5" x 75" $200
Full Size (needs 2) 27" x 75" $190 each
Queen Size (needs 2) 30" x 80" $190 each
King Size (needs 2)
36" x 84" $215 each
Small Bench Size
16" x 32" $60
Note: Custom sizes are also available upon request, with lead times of 2 to 3 months for delivery.
*Only these half-size Tatamis are UPS shippable. For creating Japanese room, we recommend two half-size tatamis instead of one full-size tatami for this reason. Two half size tatamis are 10% off for a total of $205.20


Small Tatami Bench 20"x20"x18" $240
(deduct $20 if you build yourself)
Medium Tatami Bench 20" x 36" x 18"(H) $320
(deduct $30 if you build yourself)
Astoria Coffee Table

Astoria End Table





Mission Style Coffee Table
Mission Style End Table
Tatami Bed Drawer (37")
Tatami Bed Drawer (55") $149
Stackable Folding Shelf $62



Our lamps are constructed of wood or wire with paper shade. They are collapsible for easy transport with the electric assembly. It provides soft and tranquil lighting.
Click on images to enlarge
hitachiHitachi Lamp with Table Top (Natural Wood) 16"x16"x19"(H) $93
Doublecross Design (Natural Wood) 7.5" x 7..5" x 18"(H) $42
Round 14" diameter x 29" (H) $43
Box 5.5" x 5.5" x 28" $42
*Note: Round and Box Lamps are made with a paper Lampshade and metal weight at the base.
Paper Shade only (Round) 12" Diameter
Electric Code with socket for Paper Shade (White) $11

Shoji Blind

Excellent for quick solution for privacy.
Made with synthetic paper and bamboo sticks.
Easy installment with roll-up device.

Size 2’x 6’ 2.5’x 6’ 3’x6’ 3’x8’ 3.5’x6’ 4’x6’ 4’x8’ 5’x6’ 6’x6’
Price $11 $14 $17 $23 $20 $23 $27 $27 $33

Four Panel Shoji Screen w/natural wood kick board
Size /Price 4’ : $110 6’: $250
7’: $270



Click on images to enlarge
Lightweight Wool-filled (1"thick) N/A $110 N/A
Old Japanese-style (1"thick)
All Organic Cotton-filled (60"x80")
Matching cover. w/ ovalwindow
Japanese style
Japanese-style Keiki size
All Organic Cotton-filled (36"x48")

Comforter Covers

comforter cover We offer a variety of ethnic and solid colored fabrics to provide a color-coordinated cover for your bedroom. A zipper opening lengthwise on the cover affords easy removal for cleaning.
Please click here to see our choice of solid colors and print fabric selections.
cover colors
The first prices shown are based on design prints at the center, solid color as the side panels and back. The "all prints" design prices are shown second, in parentheses.
$6 per yard Fabric $95 ($78) $120($102) $133($88)
$10 per yard Fabric $103 ($107) $134($141) $149($167)
$14 per yard Fabric $111 ($135) $152($179) $164($212)
$20 per yard Fabric $123 ($178) $175($236) $188($279)
*Note: Piping or bordering with matching colored fabric is available for an additional $15 per cover. We will also make covers from fabric provided by the customer for a labor charge $25 to $60 per cover.
**Note: Cover cost is based on the size of the comforter and the price of the fabric. The 4 rows listed above are only 4 examples. For instance, a Single Comforter using $12/yd fabric would cost between $103 and $111.

Matching Sleeping Pillow Cases (in pairs)

$6 per yard Fabric $32 ($28) $34($29) $38($31)
$10 per yard Fabric $34 ($36) $36($38) $42($41)
$14 per yard Fabric $36 ($44) $38($46) $46($51)
$20 per yard Fabric $40 ($56) $42($59) $54($66)
*Note: Piping or bordering with matching colored fabric is available for an additional $5 per pair. The First prices shown are prints/solids design and the second prices in parentheses are the "all prints" design. Also pillow case w/2-1 inch sham is available. Add labor $10 per pair.


Natural Fiber Pillows
Click on images to enlarge
Buckwheat Hull Pillow with Japanese print

Bolster shape 5.5" diameter x 15"



one-size $40

*Popular size
Buckwheat Hull Pillow
w/stretchable Organic Cotton case
U-Neck shape
Japanese Hinoki Pillow
(cypress chips)

Japanese print, organic cotton or hemp removable case
(11" x 15")
Silk Eye Pillow w/flax seeds $11
Wool Sleeping Pillow 20"x26"

Pillows listed below are covered with washed Ticking.
Custom sizes are available for an additional $5 per pillow.

Kapok Throw Pillow 15" x 15" 18"x 18" 20"x 20" 22"x 22" 24"x24"
Square $12 $16 $20 $22 $28
Bolster Small
5.5" diameter x 15"=$16
8" diameter x 20"=$22
Matching Pillow Cases
Organic cotton
(color grown)
$19 $21 $26 $27 $29
Hemp $18 $20 $25 $26 $28
Japanese print $18 & up $20 & up $18 & up $21 & up $23 & up
*Note: Additional piping or sham, add $10 more.
Zabuton w/Organic Cotton and Wool 22"x22"

Custom Pillow Sewing Charges

The prices listed include zippers. Prices may vary due to fabric provided. An upcharge of between $5 and $10 for any piping requested.
Style Sewing Charge
Flat Bag style $12.50
Sham style $15
Full Boxing--as in Rattan Couch covers $25
Half Boxing --same $35
Bolster $15

Meditation Pillows

Style Size Price
Zafu (choice of colors)

  • Kapok-stuffed
  • Buckwheat Hull-stuffed
Round 14" diameter
Crescent 8.5"x 21"


Shell with zipper only (solid color)
Shell with zipper only (printed fabric)
Bag of Kapok (3 lbs)
Bag of Buckwheat Hulls (5 lbs)


Zabuton (choice of colors)
Organic Cotton-stuffed, with Wool in the core and removable cover
(36" x 32" x 2") $90
Support Cushion (choice of colors)
Organic Cotton-stuffed, with Wool in the center
(15" x 15" x 2") $15
*Note: Other sizes of Zabutons are available. Tell us what you want we will make them!
Layman’s Robe (for meditation) custom $125


Organic Blankets
Single Queen Cal. or E. King
Blankets (All Organic)
72"x90" 90"x90" 90"x108"
Fabiola/ Solid $140 $190 $220
Matching Sham Reg.Size only $39
Granny's Throw Blanket 50"x70" $58
Baby Receiving Blanket Size:28"x36" $12 (organic)
Tericloth Bathrobe
Organic Cotton
One size


Other Organic Cotton & Hemp Products
Click on images to enlarge
Dragon Mama T-shirts in three designs
Embracing Couple Circle Dragon Mayumi Oda Design
organic socksOrganic Socks (3 pairs) $14.50
Body Cloth (3 pcs) $11
Glad Rugs (Feminine napkins) $6
Organic Essentials (Feminine tampons) $9
Herbal Animals
(Pig / Sheep / Monkey / Cow / Cat / Dolphin / Frog )
Tote Bag with Dragon Mama Logo $18

Oriental Accessories

(Made in Hawaii)
hand made slippersHand Made Slippers
3 Choices of; Chinese Brocade / Japanese Print / Hemp & Organic Cotton
(Size S/M/L: $42
XL/XXL: $46)
Pin Cushion (100% Wool) S 4"D
L 5"D
ukuleleSoprano Ukulele
Tenor Ukulele
Hawaiian Quilts Pillow Kit (9 patterns) (Size:22"x22") $25
Unique Aloha Shirts from
Japanese fabric new and old
$86 & up
Custom Aloha Shirts available Labor charge $45
(Made in Japan)
indigo tapestriesIndigo Died Tapestry
Choices of Violet w/Vine, Flower crest w/Diamond, Pine-Bamboo-Plum, Tiger in Bamboo drinking water, Mating Crane, Peony, Tachibana, 3 Rings, 3 Spirits.
(Size:43"x53") $198
Japanese Bath Robe (Yukata) $58 $ up
hemp wash clothHemp Wash Cloth
Silk/Cotton Wash Cloth
Warlon – Fine Synthetic Shoji Door Paper (3"x6') $39
Mosquito Net (foldable traveling size) $42
sandalwood boxJapanese Sewing Box (Kiri) Size:10"x12"x12"(H) $84
goza matGoza Mat (3"x6") $36
bamboo matBamboo Mat (3"x6.5") $66
dragon pillowDragon Pillow
Buckwheat Hulls
(8"x12") $46

Natural Fibers by the Pound
Quantity discount available

Lamb's Wool

woolBest known for comfort, resilient, springy wool also cushions bodyweight and is proven to draw more moisture than cotton or down, without losing its fullness.

Wool is versatile, providing quality sleep year round.

Organic Cotton

organic cottonDragon Mama specializes in the custom swing of futon, comforter, and pillow covers from our fine lines of imported and domestic fabrics.

We custon create futon pads, as well as window and dining chair pads. We also carry a selection of Japanese kimonos.


kapokUsed for centuries, this natural fiber is used in the traditional Zafu meditation pillow and decorative throw pillows.

Soft and resiliant, kapok holds its shape, providing a pillow that is durable and beautiful.

Buckwheat Hull

buckwheat hullA nutlike grain seed, eaten in foods, kasha cereal, and pancakes; buckwheat is high in fiber and bees love the flowers, and its unique three-sided hulls allow air to circulate and make sleeping pillows with firm and soothing support. We make neck bolsters and meditation pillows as well.

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